Charging your Motorized Dolly - New Chargers!

Posted by Contributing Editor on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

With a commitment to continuous improvement, there are a number of product initiatives underway at L P Intentional Inc., the manufacturer of PowerMate®. All of these initiatives are happening with the goal of making PowerMate® even more efficient and maintaining their current, competitive pricing structure for their valued customers - both past and future!  The first involves the introduction of new battery charging units for all PowerMate® stair climbing dollies.

Standard Wall Charger:

All PowerMate® stair climbing hand trucks come complete with the standard wall charger –

Part# 400210 or 400211.


The Part# 400210 or 400211 charger comes standard with all PowerMate® Stair Climbers. It is safe and strongly recommended to leave all PowerMate® machines plugged in when not in use. The battery will not overcharge and has a built-in automatic shut off feature!

# 400210

# 400211

In-Vehicle Chargers:

Customers that use their PowerMate® as a shared resource often opt for the #400215 or #400217 in-vehicle charger as it affords them the flexibility to move the charger and PowerMate® machine from vehicle to vehicle as required on any given day!

When a 12V accessory outlet is not available or the PowerMate® is a dedicated resource to a vehicle, customers chose the #400216 or #400218 battery charger and never have to worry where the charger is when they need it! PowerMate® users cite the use of either of the two in-vehicle charging systems as the reason they do not need to purchase an extra battery pack to get through even the busiest of work days!

IN-VEHICLE CHARGING SYSTEMS (IVCS) – 400215 & 400217 or 400216 & 400218

PowerMate® smart charging system keeps your PowerMate® charged while you are running your vehicle. It will never draw below 75% of your vehicles battery charge, so your vehicle will always have enough power to start your vehicles engine every time! Part# 400215 and 400217 plug into a 12V accessory outlet and Part# 400216 and 400218 are hard wired directly to your 12 Volt vehicle battery.

# 400215

# 400217

# 400216


# 400218

PowerMate® Stair Climbers with a Serial # less than 36000

For current and past customers with PowerMate® models having serial numbers earlier than serial number 36000, your charger will continue to serve you well. When it comes time for replacement, or your charger is misplaced, a conversion kit is available that will allow you to upgrade to the new charger!

PowerMate® Stair Climbers with a Serial # greater than 36000

All new PowerMate® stair climbers manufactured and shipped with serial numbers greater than 36000, are going out complete with the new charging system.

PowerMate® Battery Charger Reference Table:


Serial # < 36000

PART #   

 Serial # 36000+

PART #   

IN-VEHICLE CHARGING SYSTEMS (Outlet)   400215  400217
IN-VEHICLE CHARGING SYSTEMS (Hard-Wired) 400216  400218

Conversion Kit for machines manufactured Pre June 1st, 2014 and having a serial # lower than 36000 : COMING SOON

Not sure where to find the serial number for your PowerMate®?
Where do I Find the Serial # for my PowerMate®?

As always, for the many PowerMate® International customers the conversion kit is also available. When you are placing an order for a standard wall charger, be sure to specify the style of the male end of the charger, (that plugs into the wall), you need based on local requirements.

In summary, it is a commonly shared belief that the new chargers will increase efficiency, help maintain the current PowerMate® price structure and most importantly, enhance the PowerMate® user's experience! Check back again soon to learn more about product enhancements at L P International Inc.



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