Powered Stair Climbers Vs. Conventional Hand Trucks

Posted by Contributing Editor on Tue, Jun 18, 2013

Are you about to embark on a move or looking to install a new HVAC system for the summer and deciding on the best moving method? Of course, there are numerous systems and products available to help with relocation, including a variety of hand trucks. These hand trucks can range from your conventional dollies to powered stair climbing hand trucks, like ours. As experts in moving loads promptly, safely, and efficiently, here are some reasons to consider powered stair climbers versus the conventional hand truck:

  • Powered stair climbers not only can move loads up and down the stairs, on and off most service vehicles, but they can also negotiate curbs and thresholds, as well as act as a dock leveler.
  • Various models of the powered stair climbers act as powered tailgate lifts and vertical lifts; the one of a kind PowerMate model LE-1 even has stacking capabilities and no attachments.
  • How do you maneuver tight spaces, crazy corners, and rough terrain with a conventional hand truck? You can safely bring the load and machine to rest on flat surfaces, even on stairs. Deliver to old homes? With a Power Stair Climber, you can skip missing, broken, or suspect steps! Challenged with moving on landings? Raise the wheel to create a smaller footprint.
  • Looking for safety and protection for you and your workers? Powered stair climbers reduce the operator’s ergonomic effort by 87%, making moving more efficient, safe, and productive. Additionally, risks, injuries, and vehicle-related accidents become lowered. Complete more jobs efficiently and reduce your labor costs by 50% or more.
  • Why do all of the work with a conventional hand truck? With powered stair climbers, all you need to do is raise the wheels 10-18 in. and change the fulcrum, making the breaking of the load an easier and safer task.
  • One of the biggest concerns when moving is ensuring the load remains intact and unharmed. Cotton-coated nylon straps and safety ratcheting systems, as well as multiple and adjustable felt-protected strap bars, are added to the stair climber in order to protect the customers’ product.
  • Is another worry that of harming the floors on which the move is taking place? With some hand trucks, the wheels can rough up and scratch certain floors. Powered hand trucks, however, have non-marking wheels and rubber guards, so that it remains safe for all floor types.
  • Durable, long-lasting, top of the line stair climbers typically deliver a 10:1 return on investment (ROI) in the first year alone, and with routine maintenance, can last for years and years.

Keeping these points in mind, you should be able to determine that the higher ROI lies in powered hand trucks over conventional ones. As technology is beginning to invade the workplace, it’s time to ask yourself: “What’s my ROI on the conventional hand truck I am using today?”

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