A Customer's Stairclimber Experience - Testimonial

Posted by Contributing Editor on Fri, Aug 29, 2014

Dear PowerMate,

I want to commend you on a product that does what the others I have tried did not… Your

stair climber works. As a plumbing and heating contractor in the Northeast US, I often need

to take heavy equipment up or down basement steps.


I needed something to help me do that but it wasn’t like I needed it every day, so I went

looking for the best product for the money.

Hess Mechanical 

I looked at the PowerMate and a few other brands. I settled for a less expensive stair climber that I thought would meet my needs. It used a system of feet attached to a chain that lifted the cart up each step as it went around. I thought that it would handle the steps but I already knew that it wouldn’t have the ability to lift to my truck bed, but the price was attractive, so I tried it.

I bought it, charged it, and took it out to the first job. It failed to do the job. I returned it to

the supplier and they gladly exchanged it for new one. Several weeks later, I took it out on a

job and we started up the stairs. We got to the third step and it stopped. I had three of those

units over about a year and a half and I did manage to pull a water heater or two out, but it

never lived up to its claim of lifting 850 pounds.


Fortunately, I purchased that unit from a reputable supplier that finally refunded the full

purchase price. I took that money and made the call to PowerMate. It cost me more and I

was a little skeptical, but I bought it, charged it, and took it out to the first job. It worked! It

worked that time and every time since then. I bought the first one to save money, but ended

up just wasting my time. My M-Series PowerMate has lifted everything that I have ever

strapped to it, not only on stairs but on to my truck too.


My advice to you if you are considering another brand is that you don’t waste your time. Just

spend a few more dollars on a product that actually works. Once you get a little experience

with your PowerMate, you’ll be looking forward to the next boiler job.


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Don Hess, President
Hess Mechanical, Inc.
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Hershey, PA 17033

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